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Meditation in the Quaker tradition

In the beginnings of the Quaker faith in the middle of the 17th century, George Fox encouraged his followers in their meditation practice:


'In the Light '... ye may receive the secrets of God and His wisdom, may know the shadow of the Almighty, and sit under it in all tempests ...


See what the Light doth make manifest and discover, as temptations, distractions, confusions; do not look at these temptations, confusions, corruptions, but at the Light which discovers them and makes them manifest; and with the same Light you may feel over them, to receive power to stand against them ...


After thou seest thy thoughts and the temptation,

do not think but submit, and then power comes. Stand still in the Light and submit to it ... and when temptations and troubles appear, sink down in that which is pure, and all will be hushed and fly away.


Stand still in the Light ... That will give victory, and ye will find grace and strength; there is the first step to peace.


If you love this Light it will teach you ...


... All things are discovered with the Light. Thou that lovest it, here's thy teacher when thou art walking abroad, 'tis present with thee in thy bosom, thou need'st not to say, lo here, or lo there. And as thou liest in thy bed 'tis present to teach thee ...'


Edited passages from George Fox's writing 
Light to live by; an exploration in Quaker spirituality

Rex Ambler