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Ma's instructions to seekers of Truth

'At every single moment, try to be aware of Him, for have you not chosen this path to dedicate your lives to Him?  Therefore, when speaking, speak of Him; when thinking think of Him; when listening, listen to His words or to what is said about Him.  Further, try each one of you to keep a diary, so as to check your mind from turning outward.  This may also make you watchful and help you in your striving.  Those who are pilgrims on the path must develop great inner strength, energy, mobility and swiftness, so that their lives may become beautiful; to fill their lives with a new current.  It will not do to sit and ride in a rickety, jolting bullock cart!  At all times, the mind must be intensely vigorous, energetic and alert, then only can you forge ahead with great speed.  Remember that every person has to mould his or her own life.  Accept cheerfully whatever He may bestow on you or take away from you.'


'By constant practice one finally achieves.  At what moment He will grace us with His touch, lies with Him;  our duty is to continue to invoke Him without interruption.  Enough time has been spent in wandering hither and thither aimlessly, leaving the Path in order to enjoy the sights of the world. Now all one's time should, as far as possible, be spent in the attempt to find one's Self.  Vain and idle talk is of no benefit and only prevents one from advancing towards Him, it is but an obstacle to one's efforts.' 'Ages and ages have been wasted in this way.  Now friend, return to your real Home! By lingering on the way you only prolong the agony of troubles and difficulties that have to be endured on the pilgrimage. Ever remember that one who is eager to advance towards Him and practises His Name and His Presence progresses no matter what his condition may be. To say, 'I do not feel His response' and thereby to take pleasure in mundane things can never be for one's good, always bear this in mind.'


'Do not pay attention to the shortcomings of others, but try to discover their positive qualities, remembering that it is your way of looking at things (namely finding fault with people) that causes you pain.'

'All these difficulties are due to your own karma.

In God's creation the results of one's actions have to be enjoyed and suffered to the minutest detail.

Everything is His dispensation.  You will have to find Truth!  Always bear in mind that you have to exhaust all kinds of Karma and that He is thereby cleansing you to make you fit to be united with Him.'


'At all times and for everyone He is.  The nearer you draw to Him, who is the fountain of mercy and compassion, the more will you experience His Presence.  Spend your time in Japa, meditation, the study of the scriptures, and so forth.  Be truthful in thought, speech and behaviour.  Let others do as they please, as their nature dictates.

To the good the world appears good.  Be straight and sincere with those with whom you have to work.  By your example, others will be changed.  A human being should be full of generosity and broadmindedness in outlook and conduct.'


'The harmony in the home between husband and wife, between parents and children is based on worldly attraction and affection.  But to live in harmony with a large group of people - in this lies real greatness.  In whatever circumstances God may place you at any time, cast aside distractions and be ever intent on the kindling of a spiritual atmosphere.  The foundation for it is truthfulness in speech and conduct, patience and long-suffering.  Depend on God in all matters.  That all kinds of things occur on a pilgrimage is but natural; it is the rule of the world.'


'Whatever you do, do it with all your might, put your whole being into it.  Don't be swayed by blame or praise.  When someone reproaches you, you waver, and when you are patted on the back you feel encouraged.  That means you are not really out for what you are doing, but rather for the approval of others.'


'Sometimes, when I reproach you for something, you say: 'Why only me?  So many others act in the same manner and you let it be done.'  But what I say is: Improve yourself, turn your criticism on yourself; do not look to others' mistakes for justification.


Everyone has their own way.  When one's problems are made more acute, one feels disturbed and thereby one's search will be intensified.  Before thread can be spun and woven into cloth, the pod in which the cotton was enclosed has first to be broken and entirely destroyed.  To prepare oneself really means to uproot completely the sense of 'I'.


Throw it away!  Lay it at His feet.  Keep 'Satsang' which means the realisation of WHAT IS!  Stay with It.'



Kedernath Swami   An introduction to Anandamayi Ma's Philosophy of Absolute Cognition, pge 81 quotations from Ma