Landermere space
 Landermere space

Poetry for meditation and contemplation


Believe In Yourself



All this ocean around you,

yet you want more moisture?
All this life ahead of you,
yet you want to end your life?


You are a good and decent person, 
making everyone around yourself happy.
Why do you have to keep on drinking so much?


You're blessed with high intellect and rational logic.
Blessed by all that God-given talent,
why do you always sell yourself so cheap?


What a pity,
you only rely on books to gain full knowledge of life.


What a pity,
you only seek the sweetness of life from a candy.


What a pity,
You are an ocean of knowledge,
yet still hiding behind your excuses of moisture.


What a pity,
You are a fully grown adult, 
yet still hiding behind the high walls 
of your childish doubts.


What a pity,
you are a shining bright Sun,
yet still trapped inside the dark prison of 
your own self-abasement.


Do you still need more proofs 
to learn and appreciate
what you already have in life?

Look at your soul
how it's also shackled and imprisoned
inside your own dark cage of pessimism
along with you.


A simple atom makes its journey
all the way to the shining Sun.
If an atom can do it, so can you.
Go and get some much needed help!


A simple drop of wine makes it
all the way to the divine jar of life.
If a drop can do it, so can you.
Go and drink only from that divine jar!




Selected Verses from Masnavi- Book5

Rumi  1207 – 1273