Landermere space
 Landermere space

Daily meditations and mantras

Morning meditation


After ablution is the best time to meditate. Sit in a quiet corner when everyone is asleep. Try to visualize the rising sun of crimson red or golden hue. Feel that you are yourself the rising sun full of Infinite luminosity and beauty. Feel that every cell and molecule of your body is expressing this Infinite beauty and luminosity. Feel this Infinite harmony is pure love. Feel that every cell and molecule of your body is Pure Love itself. Feel that this love expresses itself as Pure Intelligence itself. Feel that this Infinite Intelligence guides and brings success in all your undertakings.


Midday meditation


Sit comfortably on your chair or in natural surroundings. Reflect on the positive, constructive, and nourishing qualities of your personality. Try to love these aspects and have them become more intense in you. Try to spread the thought of love to all with whom you work. Say to yourself that you are sincere and your love is true and pure to all who judge you, ridicule you, who are stiff with you, and who are jealous of you, etc. Infinity is strength itself and you are that Infinite strength and virility itself.


Evening meditation


Sit comfortably in a chair or on a cushion. Let the spine be erect. Relax for two or three minutes. Breathe in profoundly Infinite Pure Love and breathe out good thoughts and Pure Love only. Feel the centre of the love is in the middle of your heart. This centre is your Self, which is pure, luminous and full of pure energy. Try to expand it and direct it to your near ones and dear ones.


Bed-time meditation


Visualize dark space everywhere. Visualize stars shining as if calling you to have a good night's sleep. Feel that the entire nature is asleep. Trees, plants, the whole of the vegetation, is asleep. Birds are asleep, animals are all in a deep sleep. Feel that Mother Nature is taking you into her bosom and asking you to go into a deep sleep with her. You repeat the mantra of Immortality until you fall asleep. The power of the mantra will regenerate your whole being when you are sleeping.



Swami Veetamohanananda