Landermere space
 Landermere space

Poetry for Meditation and Contemplation

The Song of The Traveller


How light the heavy world becomes, when with transparent waters 

All the shy elms and wakeful appletrees are dressed! 
How the sun shouts, and spins his wheel of flame 
And shoots the whole land full of diamonds 
Enriching every flower’s watery vesture with his praise, 
O green spring mornings when we hear creation singing! 

The stones between our steps are radium and platinum 
When, on this sacred day, sweet Christ, we climb Your hill; 
And all the hours, our steps, 
Pray us our way to the high top with silent music from the clouds 
As each new bench-mark builds us to a quieter altitude, 
Promising those holy heights where the low world will die. 

Shall we look back out of this airy treasury 
And spill the plenty that we have already in our hands 
To view you, cities full of sorcery, 
And count the regiments deployed on your grey plain 
Where you lie boiling in your smoky wars? 

For lo! the music of your treachery 
Still plagues us with a sullen rumor in this sinless sun, 
And your coarse voice still reaches us. 
Sandpapering the silence of our atmosphere. 
Shall we turn back to hear those far, far fragile trumpets play?
Thomas Merton  
1915 – 1968