Landermere space
 Landermere space

Poetry for meditation and contemplation

part of NAKED IN THE BEE-HOUSE -   Thank you Coleman Barks !


By Hakim Sanai.... (found in Poetry Chaikana)
(1044? - 1150?)




Being humble is right for you now.
Don't thrash around showing your strength.
You're naked in the bee-house!
It doesn't matter how powerful
your arms and legs are.
To God, that is more of a lie
than your weakness is.
In his doorway your prestige
and your physical energy are just dust
on your face. Be helpless
and completely poor.
And don't try to meet his eye!
That's like signing a paper
that honors yourself.
If you can take care of things, do so!
But when you're living at home with God,
you neither sew the world together
with desires nor tear it apart
with disappointments.
In that place existence itself
is illusion. All that is, is one.
Lost in that, your personal form
becomes a vast, empty mosque.
When you hold on to yourself,
you're a fire-worshipping temple.
Dissolve, and let everything get done.
When you don't, you're an untrained colt,
full of erratic loving and biting.
Loyal sometimes, then treacherous.
Be more like the servant who owns nothing
and is neither hungry nor satisfied,
who has no hopes for anything,
and no fear of anyone.



shared by Chloe Goodchild