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The highest Truth

'The highest truth can never be expressed through words.  As Sri Ramakrishna said, the supreme truth of God has never been defiled through the lips of man; that is, has never been expressed in words. Even the Vedas and the other scriptures of the world have been defiled, for they have been uttered by the lips of man. The Truth which is the truth of all truths, is only to be experienced, and when a man of God experiences that, he becomes full to the brim, as it were.  He becomes silent. Yet we find the Seers and Sages having drunk deep of that wine of love, try to give utterance to the Truth. And they speak differently. This is because they can only express an aspect of the Truth. It is only relative truth that can be expressed, and never that which is absolute. Even Christ, Buddha and Ramakrishna can express themselves only from a relative standpoint.  Hence, sometimes they may differ in their expressions.  They are not contradictory, rather supplementary.  To give an illustration, suppose you want to take a photograph of the sun.  You take a picture from where you stand. Then you go nearer to the sun, and you take a picture from there, and you go nearer and nearer and take pictures from different distances. Then you compare those pictures.  They do not appear to be the same. But nevertheless they are true pictures of the same sun. "Truth is one, Sages call it variously." '



Narada's way of divine love The Bhakti Sutras  Swami Prabhavananda   Commentary on Aphorism 16