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 Landermere space

Poetry for meditation and contemplation 

Hallowed be Brahman


Hallowed be Brahman, the Absolute, the Infinite, the Fathomless!  Higher than the highest, deeper than the deepest depths!
Thou art the Light of Truth, the Fount of Love, the Home of Bliss!  This universe with all its manifold and blessed modes
Is but the enchanting poem of Thine inexhaustible thought; Its beauty overflows on every side.


O Thou Poet, great and primal, in the rhythm of Thy thought the sun and moon arise and move toward their setting;
The stars, shining like bits of gems, are the fair characters in which Thy song is written across the blue expanse of sky; The year, with its six seasons, in tune with the happy earth, proclaims Thy glory to the end of time.


The colours of the flowers reveal Thy sovereign Beauty,
The waters in their stillness, Thy deep Serenity;
The thunder-clap unveils to us the terror of Thy Law.
Deep is Thine Essence, truly; how can a foolish mind perceive it?

Wondering, It meditates on Thee from yuga to yuga's end  Millions upon millions of suns and moons and stars
Bow down to Thee, O Lord, in rapturous awe!
Beholding Thy creation, men and women weep for joy;
The gods and angels worship Thee, O All-pervading Presence! O Thou, the Fount of Goodness, bestow on us Thy Knowledge; Bestow on us devotion, bestow pure love and perfect peace; and grant us shelter at Thy hallowed feet!



Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa  1836 - 1886