Landermere space
 Landermere space

Poetry for meditation and contemplation 


The song of a crazy fellow


Let Thy worship, Thy hymns of praise
be the eternal solace of my life;
Let my life brim over with the songs
of Thy adoration, thoughts of Thy Divine Grace.
I shall see Thee, Mother, in the
wide open sky with wistful eyes;
I shall not ask for any boon,
say not a word; I shall only lay myself
down at Thy feet with tears of bliss;
I shall move about in Thy endless expanse of heaven, scattering songs like flowers re­presenting Thy glory.
I shall steep myself in Thy bliss, chanting Thy holy names and sending their echoes throughout the Universe.
All my actions, all my thoughts of religion are
Thy worship.
Oh Mother, give me Bhakti,(spirit of adoration), firm faith, so that I may make Thy feet the sheet-anchor of my life


1880 - 1937
Devotee of Ma Anandamayi