Landermere space
 Landermere space

To connect the body with the Infinite - Om Aim Hreem Om



Our inner Being is to be made more intense and permanent.  Before falling asleep and first thing in the morning we are to flood our body with pure conscious positive vibrations.  Lie flat on your back and focus your attention on your right eye repeating mentally Om Aim Hrim Om, and then your left eye, eyebrows, both ears, nostrils, lips, whole head, throat, shoulders, elbows, hands, chest, abdomen, right hip, knee, ankle, foot, left hip, knee, ankle, foot, and so on.  Try to feel the life force in every cell and molecule of your body.  Being in yourself in this way creates a wonderful feeling inside you, all around you, and to everyone with whom you come into contact.



Swami Veetamohananda 

Light for Creative Living March 6th 2018