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Additions to the website for February/March 2020

Open Meditation  dates and times 

for February/March


NEW: Quiet days at Landermere info

Dates and times


Full moon, new moon and Ekadashi dates for February/March  What is Ekadashi?


Swamiji’s passing and history of the Vedanta Centre Gretz, Paris

Swami Veetamohananda  


Swamiji’s Wisdom of the Heart have become Thoughts for the Day accompanied by his Daily Prayer


Quote of the monthThe last thought Swamiji wrote December 11th 2019

'Awareness of changes and doing the best demands reflection.  Let not external forces block your progress. A right view about being and becoming, the world, and transcending the limiting forces, are all important to discover the treasure of your heart.'


Swami Veetamohananda 1941 - 2019


In Meditation in various traditions  Experiment with Light introductory article by Helen Meads, and an article from the Experiment with Light Journal - ‘The Experiment and Bereavement' by Judith Smith

Also new - Swami Veetamohananda 'Why meditate and How?' Part 1


In Meditations for every day   daily practice ‘How to connect yourself with the Infinite’   Swami  Veetamohananda

Also introducing The Dhammapada chapter 18


Gallery of posts and pictures of Anandamayi Ma from the website Facebook Page 


In - Sri Anandamayi Ma readings  Read at the last London Satsang August 2019  - Extracts from In Association with Sri Ma Anandamayi Vol III   ‘The Necessity of a Sadguru in Spiritual Life’



In Mantras Gayatri Mantra link to a video of this being chanted in the traditional way with the correct pronunciation


In Meditation in various traditions new Editorial from Vedanta Magazine  'Types of prayer'  Swami Dayatmananda


In Poetry of the Spirit  in gratitude to Monica Ditmas who died last year   ‘The telescope'


Also, additions to lists of readings, organisations and videos in Reading/Links, links to the talk given by Swami Vimokshananda at the Memorial Meeting for Swami Veetamohananda; also beautiful new documentary ‘Ma and MeAnandamayi Ma, Mooji explains ‘The I am practice’, Swami  Veetamohananda talks on meditation given to Eire Vedanta Society, Father Thomas Keating tribute ‘A life surrendered to love’ Also Peter Fenwick End of life experiences - both fascinating and deeply comforting

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