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Something happened to me down by the river

                                                     Margaret Roy


Something happened to me down by the river. I was gathered by the trees.
When I experience a gathered Meeting for Worship, it is like a wave that moves towards me, touching and inviting me in. I feel it like James Naylor's gentle spirit. It was different in the trees. I'm still not sure I can put it into words. I felt my consciousness lower so at first I thought I was going to fall
asleep. In reality my consciousness slowed. It was not an invitation. I was taken.
It was not a nurturing experience but I was held and contained. I was included. I was part of an ancient consciousness. . . of the
trees. If the human world collapsed, this would still be there.
I had another experience, this time in a Light group. I am a very experienced meditator so was not surprised to go into meditative mind at the start. Relax in the true nature of the Mind, the Lama taught. In this place beyond the thinking mind of the ego there is no thought,
although thoughts and images may arise from the stream of
consciousness where one is One with all, one Mind.On this occasion I pulled back. This was Experiment with Light not
meditation. I was puzzled. What is Experiment with Light? In the sharing my companions gave thoughts and images to which they gave meaning, things that made sense in their life. Is that the same as meaning arising? What is the difference between this and my state of meditative mind? It felt different, but what? And what about the experience with the trees?
As a psychotherapist, I have spent many, many hours contemplating my inner world, analysing my faults and intentions, studying the
relationship between my emotions and my behaviour. Most transformative but very anal without some Light to guide me. Is this what Experiment with Light is? Or is that deep, deep stillness something else?





From issue 17


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