Landermere space
 Landermere space

Poetry for meditation and contemplation 


You thought your inhalation
was nothing but air.
Now, through the Master's grace,
you know that every breath
is an ocean of stars.
You thought that your mind
was an electric ghost
in the neurons of your brain.
Now, through the Master's grace,
your body floats like a thistle
in the blue sky of awareness.
Your heart overflows the golden
galactic cup.
There is no difference at all
between silence and creation
when you drown in the Master's grace.
Your stillness is seva,
the storm-like power that
sweeps the earth clean.
Even when you sleep
that eye does not close
whose gaze is your Being.
Now dream and sing, dance and cry,
die and be shaped like a tear again
in the womb of a fearless love.



Alfred K. Lamotte